The Urban Theatre - M-Arch Design Competition 2014
Venice (Italy)
Abseits+ (Elena Cuntz, Gerald Huber, Matthias Schäfges, Markus Kaltenbach)
Received Special Mention

„New Ways To Live Venice“ - Welcome to the Venice Urban Theatre! While the Island Poveglia will host the Stage Direction Operating Centre (SDOC), Venice itself becomes the stage for the first urban theatre. The residents of Poveglia inhabit a seemingly infinite conglomeration of spheres of endless possibilities. Ateliers, workshops and studios are combined with informal zones. Social functions, recreational facilities, leisure and entertainment supplement the supply of private spaces within the inhabitable spherical membrane skin and extendable sleeping sacks.
Through the stringent and draconian leadership of the Venice Urban Theatre Ltd. and the undoubted creativity and ingenuity of the inhabitants of Poveglia, Il Teatro di Venezia has turned into a role model and exemplar for further urban theatres, which have sprung up around the world. Il Teatro di Venezia however, will not only remain the first but also the leading light of the urban theatres worldwide. May the show always go on.

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