Urban Visions for Kalamata - PlanerForum 2018
04/2018 - Kalamata (Greek)

The German-Greek-Assembly (DGV) as part of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) organized a one-week workshop, which was hosted by the municipality of Kalamata.

The task was to develop spatial strategies, ideas and visions for three specific sites in the city: (i) the renaturation of the Nedonta river area, a spatial development concept for (ii) the east coast and (iii) the west coast of Kalamata.

While providing a schematic spatial strategy for the entire city, the personal focus was the western coastal section. The unique setting of agriculture landscape right next to the sea was identified as one unique key characteristics of Kalamata.

Rather than proposing hotel development projects along the entire coastline, we suggested a landscape park, which integrates the already existing agriculture and horticulture and combine it with recreation and leisure facilities: the ‘Gardens of Kalamata’. To ensure a vibrant and lively seafront, building developments should be focussed on the west coats including the already exiting marina and harbour area as attractive urban hotspot.

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