Summercamp 2019 - Schader-Stiftung - Workshop
08/2019 - Darmstadt (Germany)

In the context of a four days workshop organized by Schader-Stiftung, ZEIT-Stiftung, Werkbund Hessen and AKH the task was to develop a “project of dialog” which dealt with the issue of analogue and digital communication in the public realm.
Together with Jan Finzi, Lisa Waldenburger, Enqian Wu, Julia Zaenker and instructed by Dr. Anna-Lisa Müller we developed “ANDI” – a proposal for enlarging the AN-alogue communication in the urban environment by qualities of DI-gital communication.
It is time for new narratives!

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Image: Schader-Stiftung Image: Jan Liesegang Image: Jan Liesegang Image: Schader-Stiftung