One's Habitat - Mud House Design Competition 2014 - Abrodwum (Ghana)
Raumgeschichten (Viktor Heß, Markus Kaltenbach) & Raumgeschichten e.V.
Received Certificate of Recognition / Realization

One’s Habitat is a showcase for the imposingness of the material earth, formulating a unique composition; creating a place to feel home, to feel safe and a place to enjoy. Offering a modern and expressive scenery at the waterfront of lake Bosumtwi, one of the most beautiful spots within the Ashanti Region, the use of rammed earth goes without saying in this prime location. While reinterpreting the classical pavilion typology it is a built manifest to raise the acceptance of the underestimated material earth.
The design was realized together with Raumgeschichten e.V. and Nka Foundation in the Abetenim Arts Village in August 2015.
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